Prof. Corinna Rossi (PhD, MPhil)

Role in ERC project: Principal Investigator
Title and expertise: architect and Egyptologist, Associate Professor of Egyptology
Research interests: Corinna graduated in Architecture at the Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II and earned a PhD in Egyptology at Cambridge University under the supervision of Barry J. Kemp. She worked for many years on the relationship between architecture and mathematics in ancient Egypt, and developed a parallel interest in the antiquities of the Western Desert. In particular, she is interested in the large-scale strategy of occupation and exploitation of the area in the Roman period, with special attention to the mutual relationship and the desert tracks that linked the archaeological sites.
Personal webpages: Politecnico di Milano, Department ABC, 3D Survey Group.

‘It’s not the years honey, it’s the mileage’ (Indiana Jones, Raiders of the Lost Ark)


3D Survey Group, Department ABC, Politecnico di Milano

Dr Francesco Fassi (PhD)

Role in ERC project: Head Surveyor (topography, architecture and archaeology)
Title and expertise: Senior Researcher in Geodesy and Geomatics
Research interests: Francesco graduated in Engineering for Environment and Territory at Politecnico di Milano in 2001 and holds a Ph.D in Geodesy and Geomatics.
Since 2003 his research focuses on survey techniques and methodologies in the field of cultural heritage. During the surveys of Villa Reale di Monza, Basilica of San Lorenzo in Milan and St. Mark’s Basilica in Venice he experimented extensively with the acquisition and processing of data. He also worked at the tests to outline the guidelines for archaeological surveys, performed on Claudius’ Aqueduct, and at the survey of the archaeological excavation in the Hall Station Metro Line 1 of Naples. He supervised several research activities about surveying complex architectures, including the Main Spire and the Altars in the Milan Cathedral. He is currently coordinator of the Milan Cathedral Survey Project.
He is a member of ICOMOS Italia and the author of over 80 publications in the fields of survey, photogrammetry, BIM and measures in general.
Personal webpages: Politecnico di Milano, Department ABC, 3D Survey Group

‘Parlà póch e picà tant’ (‘Talk a little, work a lot’, saying from Bergamo).

Dr Cristiana Achille (PhD)

Role in ERC project: Responsible of the elaboration of the architectural surveys
Title and expertise: Architect, Researcher in Geodetic and Topographic Sciences
Research interests: Cristiana graduated in Architecture at the Politecnico di Milano and obtained there a PhD in Geodetic and Topographic Sciences. Her research focuses on the measure and the representation of cultural heritage and urban context. In particular, she focuses on studying new technologies for surveying and managing data. She participates in several projects at a national and international level, where the target was a 3D accurate, complete and rapid survey of complex architectures and large monumental sites. She is Professor of Survey Techniques and a member of the National Scientific Committee CSN ICOMOS Italy – CIPA – Heritage Documentation
Personal webpages: Politecnico di Milano, Department ABC, 3D Survey Group

But of course you do. It’s a great satisfaction to have got somebody to understand. You seem to have been there on purpose.’ (Joseph Conrad)

Dr Alessandro Mandelli (PhD)

Role in ERC project: 3D field surveyor
Title and expertise: Architect, expert of 3D survey and 3D modelling
Research interests: Alessandro obtained a Master Degree with honours in Architecture in 2011 and a PhD in Geomatics in 2016 at Politecnico di Milano. In the same University, he works as a research fellow for the 3D Survey Group since 2012. There, he coordinates and participates in topographic, photogrammetric, laser-scanner and UAV surveys.
Personal webpages: 3D Survey Group

‘If you have a destination, even the desert becomes a road’ (Tibetan saying)

Dr Fausta Fiorillo (PhD)

Role in ERC project: Responsible of post-processing and elaboration of 3D surveys
Title and expertise: Engineer, Research Fellow, expert of 3D survey
Research interests: Fausta’s research focuses on advanced techniques reality-based 3D survey, 3D data post-processing and 3D modelling. Graduated in Civil Engineering at the University of Salerno, she continued her research at the Laboratory of Architectural Photogrammetry of the University of Valladolid (Spagna) and at the Fondazione Bruno Kessler. After a PhD in Architecture and Urban Phenomenology at the University of the Basilicata she worked as research fellow at Department of Civil Engineering of the University of Salerno. She took part in different research projects (PRIN, FARB) and was in charge of the laser scanner survey and post-fiedlwork processing in the ‘Grande Progetto Pompei’ (2015).
Personal webpages: 3D Survey Group

‘Vivere tota vita discendum est’ (Seneca, De brevitate vitae)

Eng. Fabrizio Rechichi (PhD Candidate)

Role in ERC project: ICT Development Manager
Title and expertise: PhD Candidate, Engineer, Research Fellow, 5-year master of science degree in computer engineering, expert in Information and Communications Technology
Research interests: Fabrizio has been the ICT development manager of the 3D Survey Group since 2013, and worked on the informative system used during the survey of the Main Spire of Milan’s Cathedral. His research mainly focuses on the conception and the development of innovative system for managing of 3D models, using BIM for cultural heritage (architectural and archaeological case of study), dissemination of the data collected, using 3D inside web, virtual reality and user interaction, museum installation. Fabrizio was awarded a 5-year master of science degree in computer engineering at Politecnico di Milano in 2012. His research leads to a Italian Patent Pending (MI2014A002016) and several publications. Since 2013 he works as a freelance in ICT consulting. In addition, he obtained the FIBA Certified Coach License (August, 2014), the Italian National Coach License (July, 2011) and the title of Italian National Instructor for children (July, 2008).
Personal webpages: 3D Survey Group,

Arch. Luca Perfetti (PhD Candidate)

Role in ERC project: 3D field surveyor
Title and expertise: PhD Candidate, Architect, expert of 3D survey
Research interests: Luca graduated with honors in Architecture at Politecnico di Milano in 2016 with a thesis entitled: Photogrammetry for architecture: fisheye lenses for the survey of narrow spaces. Since September 2016 he is collaborating on the Milan Cathedral Survey Project following the photogrammetric surveys. He is a Ph.D. scholarship holder at Politecnico, his research activities focus on the implementation of time-effective 3D survey techniques for architecture and archaeology namely fisheye photogrammetry and SLAM systems.
Personal webpages: 3D Survey Group

Francesca Lori

Bioinformatic, Francesca Lori (Research Fellow)

Role in ERC project: Web Developer, Graphic Designer
Title and expertise: Research Fellow, Bioinformatic, expert of web developing e graphic design
Research interests: Francesca graduated in Bioinformatics at Bicocca University of Milan in 2010 she has learned to develop methods and software tools for understanding biological data. She carried out a pre-degree activity at the genetics laboratories of common diseases at the San Raffaele Hospital in Milan. Here she specialized in statistical analysis of large amounts of data, in creating genealogical trees and in data archiving through databases. For several years she worked at a well-known communication agency in Milan where she was in charge of IT services and web application development; here she gained experience in the field of digital communication and user interface. From 2016 to 2018 she works as freelance at a young agency in Milan that works with public entities responsible for preserving cultural heritage and in museum installations.
Personal webpages: 3D Survey Group

Prof. Stefano Mazzoleni (PhD, MSc)

Role in ERC project: Head of the Environmental Unit
Title and expertise: Full Professor of Applied and Environmental Botany, Director of MUSA – University of Napoli Federico II.
Research interests: Stefano has a wide experience in project management and coordination of several EU funded projects and National and Regional research programs. His research focuses on system dynamic modelling, individual plants and community dynamics modelling, fire ecology, litter decomposition and soil organic matter dynamics, plant-soil interactions and effects of disturbance.
In 2011 he was appointed directly by the Rector of the Università degli Studi di Napoli as Director of the museum center Musei delle Scienze Agrarie – MUSA, aiming at highlighting and enhancing the scientific, historic and cultural heritage of the Agricultural School of Portici.
Personal webpages: Università degli Studi di Napoli, Laboratory of Applied Ecology and System Analysis.

Dr Antonello Migliozzi (PhD)

Role in ERC project: Botanist
Title and expertise: Post-doc senior researcher at the Department of Agriculture, Responsible of the Laboratory of cartography – Section of Applied Ecology, Sessional Lecturer in Fire Ecology – ECDL-GIS instructor
Research interests: Since 1997 Antonello has been involved in several EU and national research projects. He is a member of the organizing committee of international conferences and editor of workgroups and acts as a tutor in several master degrees, bachelor and post-graduate courses. His research focuses on landscape issue (Landscape planning, Land-use evolution and changes, photography applied at landscape studies), ecology (wildfires, slope stability), GIS, and historical cartography.
Personal webpages: Laboratory of Applied Ecology and System Analysis.

‘Even if we could turn back, we’d probably never end up where we started’ (Murakami Aruki, IQ84)

Prof. Giovanni Battista Chirico (PhD)

Role in ERC project: Hydrologist
Title and expertise: Associate Professor in Hydrology at the Department of Agricultural Sciences of the University of Naples Federico II
Research interests: Giovanni Battista’s primary ambition is to conduct research that can have a positive impact on the way we take care of water resources and the related ecosystems, and we cope with natural hazards triggered by extreme hydrological events. He believes that an optimal integration of hydrological observation and modelling systems can provide relevant results to those involved in policy and decision making processes for land and water management as well as drought and flood risk mitigation. The main research topics are: distributed hydrological modelling; soil hydrology; data assimilation.
Personal webpage: Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II

Dr Francesco Giannino (PhD)

Role in ERC project: Modeller
Title and expertise: Researcher in Applied Mathematics in the Department of Agriculture Sciences at the University of Naples Federico II.
Research interests: Francesco’s research is mainly devoted to the design, development and analysis of mathematical models in biology. Methodological and computational aspects have been considered for several different applications, including model design, implementation and analysis in complex biological systems. Different mathematical modelling approaches can be used to simulate biological and ecological process: Francesco uses system dynamics and individual-based approaches to describe vegetation dynamics, plant-soil processes, and movement of predators.
Personal webpages: Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II, Laboratory of Applied Ecology and System Analysis.


Dr Sherif AbdelMoniem

Role in ERC project: Chief Ceramicist
Title and expertise: Ceramicist at the Ministry of the Antiquities, Egypt
Research interests: Sherif worked as an archaeologist and ceramicist with former Minister of Antiquities Dr. Zahi Hawass, Mark Lehner, and with other mission directors at sites as diverse as the Western Valley of the Kings (Luxor West Bank); the Avenue of the Sphinxes (Luxor East Bank), Taposiris Magna, (Alexandria); and Delta sites, Altogether, sites where Sherif has worked span Egypt’s Predynastic to Roman periods.

Dr Mennat-allah al-Dorry (PhD)

Role in ERC project: Archaeobotanist
Title and expertise: Head of the Minister’s Scientific Office, Ministry of the Antiquities, Egypt
Research interests: Menna has a BA in Egyptology (AUC, 2005) and an MMA in Egyptian Archaeology (UCL, 2007). She is specialised in archaeobotany, but worked extensively on the field as a field archaeologist, surveyor, illustrator and archivist. She holds a PhD in Egyptology and Coptology from the University of Münster in Germany, where she worked on analysing archaeobotanical plant remains form a ninth century Coptic monastery form Egypt. Her current research focuses on agriculture and plant exploitation in prehistoric Egypt, diets and plant husbandry within Egyptian monastic settings; and the production of wine in Egyptian monasteries and churches.

Dr Ashraf Salem (PhD)

Role in ERC project: Ecologist
Title and Expertise: General Manager of the Gebel Elba National Park, Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency
Research interests: Ashraf holds a BSc. in Science (SVU, 1998) and MSC in Vegetation Ecology (Aswan University, 2006) and a PhD in Plant Ecology (Tanta University, 2015). He worked extensively on the field as a field ecologist, surveyor, illustrator and conservationist in three great national parks in Egypt. During his PhD studies at the University of Tanta, he worked on analysing of satellite and aerial imagery in order to assess the long term vegetation climatic changes using remote sensing. He carried out research on dendrochronology of the wild trees of the Eastern Desert, Nile crocodile morphometric and animal behavior. In the last few years his research interests extended in the direction of archeology and Egyptology, and to the issues relating to the protection of areas containing environmental and cultural assets.

Egypt-based collaborators

Mr Magdy Aly

Senior Coordinator of the Theban Mapping Project at the American University in Cairo.
Liaison Officer and Project Representative in Cairo for the Italian Mission to Umm al-Dabadib.

Mr Essam Harby Salah

Chief Driver


Mr Ahmed Moussa

CEO Pan Arab Tours

Mrs Marwa Fawzy

Executive Assistant
Pan Arab Tours

This project has received funding from the European Research Council (ERC) under the European Union's Horizion 2020 research and innovation programme (grant agreement n°  681673).